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Dreambeat, Martine Johanna



Unless a person is actively talking about how they lost weight and have said they are okay talking about it, don’t ask people about their weightloss (or weight gain) just don’t ask people about their weight


1. It started out wild
like the strawberries growing furious
on the yellow walls,
my feet bruised with the juice of plums
my hands still reaching for language
built from thick tongues,
heavy shoulders.

2. When we’re born we are empty,
the pearls of our fingers cupped into shallow bowls.
We fill ourselves with the slow, heavy things,
running through the alleyways with our shoes untied
biking downhill without a hand on the breaks,
losing our teeth in the folds of our pillows,
saying “I love you” without knowing what it means.
We are given and given until the only thing we know
is how to take,
is how to grab,
is how to cling.

3. When we slept in separate beds,
you told me that I kicked in my sleep.
I am exhausted when I wake.
I’ve been battling the dark in different time zones
I’ve been pleading every night with the gap
between the door and my closet,
“please don’t forget to leave the light on when you go”
It never listens.
It sighs deeply.

4. When I was a child I whispered my first curse word
into the ear of my foreign cousin,
dizzy with the weight of the words that only I understood.
I still remember her eyes,
cracked like turtle shells, round with the light and the soft,
“fuck you” she repeated back in awe.
It’s been 15 years since and I’ve been aching to go and find her.
Tell her there are worse words out there.

5. It ended with bleeding lips and a heart
just a little too big. It ended with the empty peels of clementines,
with skin untouched.
It ended with the shoelaces tied
one hand on the breaks
a mouth full of pearly whites.
It ended with nothing left to say.
It ended at your door, a box full of your things pressed
against my chest.

6. When you let me in,
it’s only to go to your room
and leave the box on your floor.
There is nothing to take,
to grab,
to cling to.
The bed is made.

7. As I leave, you say
“please don’t forget to leave the light on when you go.”

8. If you’re reading this,
I told you there were worse words out there.

by On Learning How To Give Instead of Take, by Kara Bell (via tinykittenfist)

I thought this was going to be funny but it got really sad really fast
Though Mean Girls was rated PG-13 for “sexual content, language, and some teen partying,” that was a rating Paramount had to fight for, says Waters. “We had lots of battles with the ratings board on the movie. There was the line, ‘Amber D’Lessio gave a blow job to a hot dog,’ which eventually became ‘Amber D’Lessio made out with a hot dog.’ Which is somehow weirder! That’s the thing we found: When you’re trying to make a joke obey the rules and not use any bad words, it can actually become seamier, even.” Still, there were some things that Waters simply refused to change. “The line in the sand that I drew was the joke about the wide-set vagina. The ratings board said, ‘We can’t give you a PG-13 unless you cut that line.’ We ended up playing the card that the ratings board was sexist, because Anchorman had just come out, and Ron Burgundy had an erection in one scene, and that was PG-13. We told them, ‘You’re only saying this because it’s a girl, and she’s talking about a part of her anatomy. There’s no sexual context whatsoever, and to say this is restrictive to an audience of girls is demeaning to all women.’ And they eventually had to back down.”
by don’t fuck with tina fey (via brokenclocksrighttwiceaday)
person: "OMG YOU DIDN'T STUDY FOR THE TEST???!?!?! "
me: "nope "
me: "i'm not"